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October 07, 2012  - October 13, 2012 issue

THE Senior Citizens of Rosario also receive the benefits being enjoyed by the elderlys of any first class  municipality. This makes them feel very good and happy. This year the sum of three million pesos had been  earmarked in Medical Assistance for the Senior Citizens. Essential also to our daily existence is the noble act  of kindness of our Mayor to address the health and economic conditions of the populance through the  implementation of the Aids fopr Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS) being handled by the DSWD. Mayor  Nonong Ricafrente is the newly elected President of the Cavite Mayor’s League, a recognition, I think that  he is a leading exponent for better understanding and unity in the province.

Going around the town certainly is not a waste of time and effort because significant changes and  improvements are very noticeable like for instance the almost completed building where the tennis court used  to be. Secondary roads are upgraded; drainage system improved, canals are covered widening the streets  making it more serviceable and useful for public convenience. Constructions of school buildings are  underway. In times of disaster Mayor Nonong Ricafrente loses no time mobilizing the DSWD, Municipal  Disaster Coordinating Center, Health and Police Depts, and the Barangay officials to stay on their jobs 24  hours distributing relief goods and doing rescue operations to those who are affected. We are always  assured of their attention and all these laudable accomplishments represent good governance.

We are very fortunate. Our town is blessed with officials who are dedicated to do their duties and  responsibilities whose desire is to establish a lasting legacy by making life easier and who are willing to share and give back everything they have to their constituents. This is service - readiness to be nothing in ourselves  so that Jesus will be everything in us. 

page 07 - "3M FOR ROSARIO SENIOR CITIZENS" │ Operation Eposé Vol. 10 Blg. 13  October 07, 2012 - October 13, 2012

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