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Kilitian Vol. 9 Blg. 48

A flower is a flower, a plum is a plu, a kiss is not a kiss without the tongue.
So whenever you need to exercise your tongue, just call me
and I’ll give
you a CHEWING GUM... dumi isip mo!!!

A girl was caught by her mom cutting classes.
MOM: Pak!
DAUGHTER: Why did you slap me?
MOM: I’m doing this because I love you!
MOM: How dare you slap me!
DAUGHTER: I just wanted to say I love you too!

A kolehiyala was asked, what’s the difference between a penis and a kamote?
Answer: Yaak! I don’t eat kamote!

A lady passenger in a jeepney was sleeping with a breast exposed.
Another passenger woke her up and said: “Dede nyo nakalabas.”
The lady
shouted: “Dyos ko nasan ang baby ko!!!

If u luv someone, set him free, if he doesnt come back, he’s probably with me! hehe

If u r lonely and u nid sum1 just don’t forget that der is sum1 here that is willing 2 help u wenever u need help
the most... wag lang sa pera!

Isang MASARAP n araw sayo kaibigan!
Nawa’y SIPSIPIN k ng gracia,
DILADILAAN k ng pagmmahal,
PASUKAN k ng galak, at
ng malas!

Last night i dreamt of U.
This morning My firSt thOUght was U.
Im thiNkiNg Of U RigHt NOw & til i gO 2 bED 2NigHt.
Bukas I’ll think of LETTER V nman.

A very interesting theory:
MENtal illness
MENstrual cramps
MENtal break down
MENopause, ever notice
how all women’s problems starts with

Ano daw ang dference ni Prince
Charles & kulangot? A: C Prince
Charles ay “heir 2 d throne” ang kulangot ay “thrown to d air”

By: JAFO │Operation Eposé Vol. 9 Blg. 48 June 10-June 16, 2012 issue

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