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-- If you were to ask, what attraction in Cavite City would stir your interest to come and be proud of being there?  I remember when we moved to Makati sometime in 1967, my parents would always plan a trip to Cavite City for many reasons; business trip was on their top list.  I used to hear them talked about the Land Transportation Commission office when they were engaged in a small transportation business. I heard them talked about buying imported items or PX GOODS which Cavite City was very famous of.  They also talked about meeting with high profiled people from the local and national government.  But for me, as a child then, the most exciting part was when they would ask me to come with them to visit my Godmother, Filomena “DALAGA” Samala, the St. Raphael Transit matriarch.  For many decades, Cavite City was standing tall like Olongapo City by hosting the U.S. Naval Base popularly known as Sangley Point which propelled its economy to full swing.  All business categories, from the smallest to the grandest, were prolific; bars, disco pubs, beer houses, red houses (yes – we have had a lot long ago) bowling alleys, movie houses, Chinese restaurants, groceries and mini marts.....etc. — name it, we have it!

When the news exploded about Sangley Point Container Port conversion  project  so many banks came in throngs sprouting like mushrooms all  wanting to get a slice of the cake with the hope that they will enjoy licking the icing too.  Real estate business went active for awhile. But when the project was completely  shelved, the negative drawback came like  big punches on our head. New banks folded up and moved outside Cavite City, its economy went adrift and eventually plunged down aggravated by political brouhaha.

How can we revive our economy?  Infrastructure projects would be one of the best solutions, new roads and better facilities to prime pump investors’ interest to establish their businesses here – we can be a call center haven due to our close proximity to Mall of Asia, Metro Manila, Makati CBD, NAIA and Domestic

Airport via CAVITEX.  We can revive again the ferry boat service with added features like floating restaurant on cruise Cavite-Bacoor BayManila Bay via MOA, Cultural Center of the Phil (CCP) and Luneta Park vice versa.   Or simply ferry passengers, local and foreign tourists,
fishing enthusiasts, hobbyists and artists to a sea aquarium, cultural show or a health and wellness spa by the sea.  We can capitalize on our peninsula landscape as major core of attraction to progress.  Hopefully, the museums inside Fort San Felipe would be open to public and all schools outside the City for educational tour. We can be one of the major suppliers of dried fish to Manila and our neighbouring towns just like how Salinas (Rosario, Cavite) is famous of their smoked fish (tinapa). How about a “wharf” for fresh sea catch that would draw potential wholesale buyers from Metro Manila?
We can also be a home for specialty schools like language or training schools, review centers, SPED learning center, or physical rehabilitation facility   We can also improve our crematorium facilities to accommodate nearby cities or municipalities who have to endure a long trip to Sucat, Paranaque or Metro Manila for the cremation service of their departed loved ones.  We need to establish our own identity by making some brands and commodities only found in Cavite City (sorry but I am not suggesting rare breed of politicians).  But we certainly hope and pray that we will not embark as “shabu outlet”  or illegal trade  business  center to help revive our gloomy economy. If Olongapo City and Pampanga were able to get back on their own feet,  CAVITE CITY can do much better, whether you agree or not – we can always try and try until we succeed. LET US HOPE FOR THE BETTER AND THINK POSITIVE.

LION PEANUT GONZALES │ Operation Eposé Vol. 9 Blg. 44 May 13-19, 2012    

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